Wednesday | August 05, 2020

BREAKING: Live Concerts And Events Allowed Again In Dubai With Strict Safety Measures In Place

Dubai Government has issued a new directive, permitting the hosting of live events and indoor/outdoor concerts in Dubai following the reopening of several venues across the city.

According to the circular dated Monday, August 3, strict social distancing measures are to be enforced at each event including maintaining a two-seat distance between a seated group or an individual at concerts.

This applies to both the general and VIP section of the venues. Capacity will be limited and exit will be allowed only via separate walkways for each row of visitors.

Tickets will be sold primarily online but if required to be purchased at the venue itself, floor markers will be established to ensure appropriate distance between individuals in the queue.

Face masks will have to be worn throughout the event and performers are allowed to remove their masks only if they’re four meters away from the audience.

No physical interaction is allowed between the performers and fans.

The circular also outlines the measures that need to be taken by the organizers at all stages of the event including permitting only pre-packaged food or buffet with social distancing being followed.

It is important to note that as of now, nightclubs and city promotions are excluded from the above permit.

Stay tuned for more!

Article published: 5th August, 2020


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