Tuesday | February 25, 2020


Dubai may be filled to the brim with ladies’ nights but Tuesdayland at Alice Lounge is one that’ll immediately draw you in with its quirky theme–much like walking straight into a fairytale.

As you make your way around the magical wonderland, be prepared for a night that includes a top-notch dining experience along with phenomenal performances.

Having recently launched a fantastic three-course set menu which is sprinkled with a mix of Japanese and Italian favorites, the real magic lies in two of the most ‘grammable options from the menu–the Grilled Seabass Cartoccio and Carbonara.

Tuesdayland continues to cast its spell all through the night with live entertainment featuring a host of talented musicians and a resident DJ who gradually pick up the tempo.

It’s not everyday (or night!) that a ‘magical dinner party’ can leave you feeling spellbound, and that is perhaps what makes this enchanting new night different from the plethora of ladies’ nights that seem to have taken over the city.

Is the magic of Tuesdayland real? Undoubtedly, and in the words of a wise little girl from a surrealist legacy…”a crazy, mad, wonderful idea”.

For more information or reservations, call up 056-704 0204 or email [email protected] 

Article published: 25th February, 2020


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