Sunday | January 26, 2020

Ba Restaurant And Lounge

Ba Restaurant And Lounge
Transform your inner self into a bold and courageous individual reminiscent of the majestic white tiger as you enter Fairmont The Palm’s most audacious dining experience to date; Ba-Boldly Asian. 

Designed for those seeking a new dimension to Asian cuisine, the latest gastronomic offering gives a sensory tour across oriental coastlines with rich flavors and vivacious decor. Central to the story is in the name itself, the courageous and confident white tiger, aptly named as ‘Ba’ will whisk diners across the Bay of Bengal and down a rabbit hole of mystery. 

Guests will begin their intrepid journey into the Asian Wonderland full of flavor and discovery as the dining experience embodies the essence of the white tiger. Signifying valor and uniqueness and always standing out from the crowd, Ba acts as a brave spirit animal allowing guests to release their inner wildness in solidarity and become the boldest they can be. With a core focus on transformative dining, Ba offers an immersive experience from the moment guests arrive.  
A melting pot of exploration, Ba’s home is adorned in oriental furnishings found across Far East Asia with a modern twist creating an insta-worthy moment at every turn. It’s evocative of the playful streets of Tokyo and fast moving Asian cityscapes peppered with a mystical calmness and an eclectic menu to match. The hypnotic lantern lit entranceway is where the journey begins, a walkway into Ba’s den with vibrant interactive wall motifs on route. With strong affirmations acting as confident reminders and regel tiger prints dotted throughout, Ba’s home is a self-proclaimed Asian nirvana of mixed matched and eccentric art in a huge burst of boldness. 

A focus on regional Asian flavours found across Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan can be found in each dish as diners are taken to the corners of the continent with a rich epicurean feast from North to South. From fresh signature sushi rolls, Maki and sashimi to buns, dumplings, noodles and desserts, the menu screams flavor and authenticity with some fusion mixes thrown in to continue the playful story. 

Signature feasts include the Fujiyama rolls and Takoyaki octopus dumplings to start, Korean fried chicken wings, pan fried black pepper beef buns and the miso buttered lobster as heartier mains, while the fluffy Japanese cheesecake and green tea mousse end things on a sweet note.

A resident DJ will spin remixed tracks every evening for both lounge and dinner guests who can opt for a table within the 10-seater private dining room overlooking the Dubai marina skyline, or the indoor terrace giving an Asian balcony atmosphere.

As the famed saying goes, ‘beautiful things don’t ask for attention’, and Ba is unapologetically confident as it leads the way to a mystical new kingdom.  

Are you ready to be bold?  

Ba- Boldly Asian is open 5:00pm to 1:00am (closed Sundays), with dinner reservations available between 6:00pm and 12.30pm. For bookings, please call +971 4 457 3457 or email [email protected]  _


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