Sunday | July 28, 2019


Ladies’ night is more like a weekly tradition in Dubai – what would our weekdays be like without them?!


Having been to our share of ladies’ nights in the city, it’s easy for us to
predict the type of girls we’ll bump into each and every single time – and if you’d take our advice, you’d be wise enough to keep an eye out for the following types too:

“The Snapchat Queen”

She’s the one constantly obsessed with snap chatting every single moment from the night. She probably uses so many filters on every one of her photos that you must have forgotten what she looks like in real life!

“The I’m-Not-Drunk-I-Promise”

You know the type – shows up super drunk and still can’t stop guzzling down more drinks. You might see some brave souls try and intervene but to no avail. But once the puking sessions commence, you better run for cover.

“The No-Carbs One”

This one baffles even the brightest minds. She’s the one who cannot have carbs or dairy or eggs or sugar or anything that’s remotely fun. Hey, it’s fine if you’re on a diet, just stop with the judgmental looks as we wolf down this delicious cheesecake.

“The Disappearing Act”

There’s always one like this in every group – says she’ll be there in an hour but never shows up – only to blow up your IG feed an hour later with pictures of her at another ladies’ night. Like, what just happened here?!

“The Loud One”

It’s either the alcohol or an inherent personality trait (we’d like to think it’s both!) that makes this one loud, obnoxious and chatty. As you sit there trying to enjoy your night out with the girls, be prepared to overhear all about her summer trip to Cancún.

“The Observer”

Yes, that one right there. You see her? The one staring straight into the depths of your soul. As you awkwardly avoid making eye contact, you can still feel her eyes follow you around the whole night.

Article published: 6th August, 2019


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