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There’s no dearth of iftars happening in the city this whole month – if you don’t believe us, simply check out all our top picks for iftar and international iftars taking place in Dubai. But if you’ve been looking for a different experience this year – something that goes way beyond traditional dining – where do you go?!

Allow us to help. Our team has been hard at work, trying out unique iftar experiences to bring you only the most interesting ones that are both worth your time and money. It was a tough job, but hey, somebody had to do it. So, let’s head straight for the sky with the first experience on the list.

Dinner In The Sky UAE

What could be more unique than dining 50 meters above ground?! With your dinner table suspended high in the sky by a crane, treat yourself to a feast that’ll literally make you feel like you’re on top of the world. It’s all taking place at Sky Dive Dubai with six sessions organized throughout the day (the last one ends at 11pm). Make sure you book your spot today!

The Queen Elizabeth 2

Fancy an ‘Iftour’ on board an iconic ship? The legendary ocean-liner Queen Elizabeth 2 is hosting a traditional iftar complete with a free heritage tour of the ship. That’s not all though, reviving the ancient Arab art of storytelling, you’ll also learn more about historical tales and folk stories as told by a ‘Hakawati’ or storyteller – in both Arabic and English. Expect a delicious food spread created by Emirati Chef Abdula Juma only for the occasion.

The Fish House

How about an iftar with only seafood on the menu?! With a name like “The Fish House”, you know you can expect only a scrumptious feast that features the most diverse selection of ‘sea-fresh fish’ in the city. Seafood lovers will love this place – you can even choose the way you want your fish cooked for you. There are also plenty of sauces, sides, soups and Fish House Specials on the menu – making this place a real ‘catch’.

Middle Eastern Iftar Walk

For those interested in getting a more immersive iftar experience this month, sign up for a ‘walking feast’ that’ll take you through old-time favorite shops for Arabic sweets and delicacies in the city. You’ll also have a resident guide talking you through Ramadan stories and food traditions – including eating with your hands and Arabic coffee etiquette. Who knows, you might even end up making new friends along the way.

The Brisket Iftar

If any of these three – coffee, cocoa and brisket – are enough to get your full attention, you’ll want to check out The Brisket Iftar taking place from May 27th to May 29th at Al Serkal Avenue. Being hosted by chocolatier Mirzam in partnership with The Mattar Farm, this limited edition menu will feature only three-courses – no prizes for guessing the courses. Spots are bound to fill up fast so make sure you start booking away right now.

Dubai Traditional Iftar Experience

This is one iftar that has it all – from traveling in 1950s Vintage Land Rovers to feasting in an authentic Bedouin camp under the stars – this is about as traditional as it can get. Organized by Platinum Heritage, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy all through the evening – cultural activities such as coffee-making, camel rides and a complimentary Astronomy session are only a few things lined up as part of your traditional iftar experience.

Female First Sessions Iftars

Round up the besties for a series of Female First Sessions taking place at D72 this month. Event organizers have teamed up with Chef Ashley Wentling to create a special three-course tasting menu only for the occasion. As a result, you can expect flavors that are traditionally associated with Ramadan along with local ingredients and open-fire cooking. Spots are limited so book your tickets now.

**Pictures courtesy of venue’s Facebook, IG or website**

Article published: 22nd May, 2019


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