Thursday | April 11, 2019


If you’ve been active on your socials lately, you may have noticed the internet being abuzz with Game Of Thrones fans asking for the show’s theme song to be added to the Dubai Fountain playlist.

While a host of songs have made their way in and out of the world-famous playlist in the past, we decided to round up our favorites at the iconic water show. Here are the songs that made the cut:

Skyfall by Adele

Adele fans in the city were thrilled to have one of the singer’s most famous hits being played out during the stunning Dubai Fountain performance back in 2017. Taken from the 2012 James Bond movie of the same name, there was also a special week-long homage paid to the superstar’s award-winning track at the Burj Khalifa last year. 

Thriller by Michael Jackson

It was a historic moment when the world’s second largest choreographed fountain announced they were adding Michael Jackson’s Thriller to their repertoire of songs. With the team having taken five weeks to get the routine down to a tee, it was no surprise then that this particular Fountain performance managed to gain millions of views on YouTube.

Hero by Enrique Iglesias

A song that’ll forever melt our hearts – it was impossible to resist Enrique’s sultry voice as ‘Hero’ played over the dancing fountains on Valentine’s Day. It was definitely one of those moments that you had to experience in person. With the singer’s fame not showing any signs of dwindling anytime soon in the city, this one continues to be a favorite among fans in Dubai.

I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston

The whole city collectively mourned the death of famous singer Whitney Houston by synchronizing the world’s biggest dancing fountain to the song, ‘I Will Always Love You’. It was quite an experience to watch the fountains come alive with Houston’s haunting voice every night. We thought it was a befitting tribute to the star considering the level of global fame she had achieved throughout her life.

Perfect by Ed Sheeran

Another “perfect” addition to the famous attraction’s playlist, Ed Sheeran’s soul-stirring piece gave us goosebumps – trust us, this one was totally worth braving the crowds for. When it comes to free attractions in the city, it shouldn’t be surprising that Dubai Fountain continues to pull in a large number of both tourists and residents alike – having a killer playlist, of course, also helps.

I’ll Never Love Again by Lady Gaga

Earlier this year, Lady Gaga fans in the city were treated to a whole week of the singer’s recent hit ‘I’ll Never Love Again’ at Dubai Fountain. A StrobeStars lighting system helped deliver a magical effect as the fountains come to life with the Grammy-winning song. The timing was also right – having played out for a whole week until Valentine’s Day.

Article published: 11th April, 2019


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