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It’s a special feeling to receive a gift from your partner on Valentine’s Day, but have you ever wondered if there could be a deeper meaning to it all? What does your Valentine’s Day gift actually say about your boyfriend, and ultimately your relationship? We have some theories…

Ah, it might be a cliché but if a guy is giving you red roses on Valentine’s Day, he might have ran out of other ideas or he may have bought these last minute – BUT it doesn't mean he thinks any less of you. Give him props for still making you feel special.

Not just any kind of chocolates though. We’re talking branded, high-quality stuff that melts its way straight to your heart. As women, we know the value of good chocolate in our lives, and if your man has gone out of his way to buy you some, you know he’s a keeper!

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than to be gifted your favorite scent on Valentine’s Day. If he’s paying attention to what kind of perfume you like, you know he remembers little details about you – which should be enough to make you feel special.

There’s nothing more intimate than having a great conversation with the one you love over dinner on Valentine’s Day. Give him more points if it’s a home-cooked meal, made by him, only for you. Ah, what could be more romantic than that?! 

While your love might not cost a thing, if he’s spending an insane amount of money on buying you expensive earrings, he’s really trying to make you feel like you’re his number one. It's a sweet gesture that you should appreciate and reward him for. Why not surprise him by doing something special for him too?

Soft Toys
Teddy bears on Valentine’s Day will never go out style. If he’s sending you cute soft toys especially to your work place, you know he’s trying to show everybody who his favorite girl in the world is! Plus, these will look good up on your social media account too. It’s a win-win for you!

Okay, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt first. Maybe he was caught up with work, or maybe it completely slipped his mind. It’s fine, as long as he makes up for it, in whichever small or big way that he can. Let’s not jump to conclusions as of yet!

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