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Individuals that think outside of the box are the life blood of any city and Dubai lives up to this old adage more than most cities. One of those creatives is May Ali and we finally managed to sit down with this very busy bee…

Tell us about your background in art and design?
In 2015, I participated in a web designing competition in Dubai and won first place. That inspired me to get into creating and designing. I later worked in an advertising agency and worked in the creative department. This further made me comfortable in design and motivated me to push harder to do something of my own.

How did that transform into what you are doing now?
When I left my agency, I ventured into creating bespoke installations and stage setup for music events and weddings. I like creating unique work and working in those industries allowed me to be more experimental.

Tell us about your summer art school?
I love working with children and I had the opportunity to at various schools at a summer camp to teach art to my students. I basically taught them everything I knew growing up. Children always challenge me because I feel their creativity knows no limit which is why I enjoy working with them the most. I learn more from them and they inspire me to be better.

Is this something that you will be continuing next season or throughout the year?
Yes, I do occasional art classes for kids in private. I want to do more of that in the coming year.

You are also making your own clothing line too, can you tell us more about the direction of your creations?
Beyondenim is a homegrown fashion label that was designed to unify the mystical flair of arabian culture with the modern verve of western style. I felt there was a market gap for cool Arab streetwear in Dubai so I decided to venture into that.

Are you influenced by a particular brand? 
I’m influenced by Moschino. They have an eclectic and bold design aesthetic that’s very much what I like to wear. 


Where can we find your creations online?
You can follow me on instagram pages: mayaliartist and @itsbeyondenim

What else are you currently working on?
Currently working on an installation at SOLEDXB this year, my new 2019 beyondenim collection and I’ve got a new handmade jewelry collection coming out as well.


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