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Continuing our look at the talented musicians that make up the wide-ranging Dubai music scene we chat to singer and song writer Pimms Brooke…
Tell us a bit about you and where do you come from musically?
I’m from North London, I’m singer songwriter and I started making music from a young age, from 12 actually! I didn’t know I could sing until later on in life. Believe me, you don’t wanna see them Christmas Karaoke videos. I attended a music school and learned how to make music and also how to write. This came in very handy in later years. Singing for me really started to take form from lots of practice and experience with open mics and studio sessions. 

How did this lead you to Dubai? 
I wanted to go somewhere, where no one knew me and start fresh! Dubai at the time didn’t have a strong music scene and I wanted a challenge! It’s been tough being a British woman abroad but it’s been worth it and I’ve become successful from working hard. 


What was your take on the music scene when you arrived?
As I said it was tough in the beginning but being part of a scene that’s grown so much I’m grateful to have been and continue to be a part of its growth. 
Has your place in the scene here evolved at all since those early days?
I have to say it has! I have been very lucky! I’ve performed in so many high-end venues, events and festivals since my first year here! My original music has been featured in many magazines - What’s On, Cosmopolitan, Gulf News and more. Radio stations such as Virgin Radio, Radio 1, Dance FM just to name a few. I’m flying with appreciation for the Dubai scene! I’ve also grown so much as an artist! Releasing my EP “Under The Layers” was a real triumph for me! I’m so proud of it as I worked hard to fund it myself and executed it the best to my abilities. It’s on iTunes, Anghami, Spotify and more! 
What is the best thing about the music scene in Dubai?
You get to be yourself, there are so many different nationalities here you have many genres to cater to. My EP is mostly pop but there are some hip-hop, R&b and rock in there too! I love that there are many cool bands and artists here, doing what they love and making music. You can go anywhere, any night of the week, there is a live band, DJ or singer performing! 

If you could change one thing about the scene here what would it be?
In my option, more opportunities for female artists, I have seen it’s really starting to take affect! I’m happy to be a part of that growth! 

Where can we catch you performing at the moment?
You can find me at Tribeca JBR, Belgium Beer Cafe Madinat (with my band), Jumeriah Beach Hotel and keep an eye out for me and my band Pimms Brooke & The Agents this year we are performing at F1 and some great festivals this season! 
Instagram: @pimmsbrooke 


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