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Dubai is awash with bars, restaurants, clubs and various other outlets where events of all shapes and sizes take place, but what the average attendee doesn’t see is that there are a whole breed of people that install, tune and care for the end product that comes out of the speakers and those people are sound engineer. We caught up with one of these talented and unsung heroes of the Dubai live music scene…
First up Carlos, can you explain what you do for a living?
I have been working as a sound technician for 14 years, my last 5 in Dubai, as well as technical manager, stage manager and DJ backliner.


What attracted you to studying the field of sound?
In my small town in Spain, 25 years ago, I had few options, you could play football or learn to play an instrument or study music. I grew up between traditional music in a local bagpipes band, after a few years I had the opportunity with that band to record in a studio and the figure of the sound engineer in front of that big mixer captivated me at that time, I was 14 years old. Then I started on the other side with some old mixers, microphones and cables. I was looking for a sound academy as there had not been many options before. Soon after I bought my first turntables, mixer and my first records for sure.

What is your experience in Sound Engineering?
I have been working in broadcast as well live events, tours with artists, live sound and supporting artists on stage in electronic music festivals and electronic music and clubs for years.


You prize Funktion One sound systems over all others, why is this?
As a spectator I have ripped the best feelings at various festivals and clubs, I think it is the best sound system with a good fit for the electronic music scene, when it is well adjusted by professionals, I have no doubt about it, “Funktion One is the soul, is the funk”

What is your involvement with Funktion One?
Right now, UAE F1 has given me the opportunity to represent the brand, as I believe in a unique sound for clubs and I’m feeling supported by the brand that has certainly represented this for many years.

From a professional point of view, what is your take on the club scene in Dubai and the quality of venues?
I think it has changed and improved in the last years and certainly the interest of many promoters to improve the quality of both: music and quality of their events, but I think there is a long way still…  the interest of all of them and the vision of the scene is not really clear I guess. I think the real electronic scene or at least in which I have grown and I have been educated musically and culturally is quite far from existing in Dubai but there are some promoters making big efforts by to keep it up, with a good original line up and outlook on their events.
Few promoters are deeply dedicated and have the background and knowledge to keep alive this real scene, for sure it’s a challenge here as I consider there is not a massive number of followers for the same. 

What do you think that can be done to improve the scene here?
It's hard to explain... for lovers of electronic music and clubbing sound like I am, I think the public has to know what the electronic scene really means, promoters can make a huge effort, but if the public does not understand what the promoter wants to showcase or the message of the artists in his show or a good sound in the club, it will always be a job in vain. Only a very small percentage of the public really appreciates it here at the moment. The main ingredients are in my opinion: good selection of artists, good sound and professional staff who are dedicated on each event, the look of the club and a crowd that are really interested in this real scene.

What has been your most memorable gig that you provided the sound for?(Dubai and over seas)
I did a special event In Amman Stadium for the Pope Francis 4 years ago, that was a big event and memorable for sure. About electronic music, in Dubai I would say Lil Louis at Uberhouse last year and I would say between Jeff Mills, Carl Craig, Surgeon or Laurent Garnier in Spain, it’s difficult choice!

What events do you have coming up?
The season has just started and really some promoters are working in several interesting events, but I can not reveal anything yet, I think it will be one of the best seasons of the last years with regard to electronic music. 


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