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7 Types of Dancers You Will See at Clubs

7 Types of Dancers You Will See at Clubs
Our Guide to Dancers in Dubai

Clubbers in Dubai really like to unwind by tearing up the dancefloor. When you spend your days working hard, it’s a great form of release to shake your body to a banging tune with your squad. Dubai Night has created a guide to the different types of dancers you are likely to see on the dancefloor.
1. The Social Media King or Queen
Taking selfies is a way of life for most people, and the social media king or queen uses the dancefloor to unleash their fiercest poses to share with their followers. You can spot them because they will have spied out the most photo friendly setting, maybe in front of the DJ booth, or under the disco ball. They tend to be in the middle of a large crowd, with a selfie stick.
2. The Maverick

This dancer can be spotted by their unique, original and very flamboyant moves. They will be dancing alone and really throwing some shapes whether it is twerking, break dancing or voguing. You can get extra points if you can guess whether they are going wild because they have had a few drinks or because they are just a very free spirit.

3.  The Professional Photographer
This dancer will be mainly spending their time crouching down or taking pictures from the balcony. Whether they are paid or not, this dancer prefers to document the night. Spot them surrounded by crowds of beautiful people keen to get their picture taken. 
4. The Octopus
This dancer is generally a guy and a bit too handsy for their own good, If you dance with an octopus prepare to spend your time on the dancefloor fending off their wandering hands.
5. The Bump & Grinders
These dancers often come in pairs, and have obviously practiced twerking for hours in front of a mirror. They have a routine worked out for the hottest hits, just don’t expect to get between them.
6. The Dad Dancer
Watch out for Dads on a night off, they will start off sensibly, but after three drinks they start jumping all over the dancefloor or unleashing their break dancing skills. Their dance moves may be a bit rusty but they are usually good for a laugh. They can be spotted by their patented dancewalk move, where they test the waters by throwing in the odd dance move as they walk to the bar.


7. The Work Night Out Gang
This dancer usually comes in a pack of hardcore partyers. The work night out has finished but these guys and gals are just getting started now that the boss has gone home. Spot them by their rumpled suits, loosened ties, or sexy but discreet dresses. This lot can be very entertaining to watch and are usually a good laugh.
If you have spotted any other types of dancers out in Dubai, contact us at Dubai Night and share your funny clubbing stories and dazzling pictures of Dubai nightlife.



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