Wednesday | June 27, 2018


Everybody likes a good house party, but the cleaning up afterwards can be more than a little off putting. New venue House Party Bar situated at The Fairmont, SZR has the solution without annoying the neighbours. A 90’s inspired joint with a fully functioning living room complete arcade and video games, hops pong, space hoppers and there will also be retro movies such as Home Alone, Clueless and The Mask playing in the background.
During the World Cup the movie screens will be transformed in to a haven for those looking to cheer on their team of choice and it will be possible to chill out on sofa’s, beds and even toilets if your heart desires. Yes, we said toilets.
As well as having the 90’s inspired décor down pat, House Party Bar will also be providing the all-important soundtrack befitting of the era to make your night go with a bang. Think Michael Jackson, Nirvana, Britney Spears and N*SYNC and you will have a good idea of what direction DJ’s such as Nana B and Junior J will take the party. 
If you get hungry during the party you can also expect that to be taken care of 90’s house party style with even the pizzas being delivered to your table (or toilet) in an actual pizza box. So, what are you waiting for? Get on down to House Party Bar where there is always a party happening.



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