Tuesday | March 20, 2018

Artist Profile: Stephan Bodzin

Artist Profile: Stephan Bodzin
Stephan Bodzin has long been at the vanguard of forward thinking live electronics and has quite easily stayed above the curve when it comes to reinventing himself and his sound. Hailing from Bremen in Germany, Bodzin alongside his long-time studio partner and close friend Oliver Huntemann have produced some of techno’s most genre defining moments including the Rekorder series of techno battle weapons. Bodzin’s own production style has grown to encompass spine tingling melodies as well as the rock-solid intricate beats he has always been known for. His previous live setups have included various midi controllers of his own design, such as the infamous light sabre which he would control similar to that of a guitar fret board.

It is Bodzin’s current setup (also of his own design) and much lauded performances that has brought him a legion of new fans. Incorporating an adapted midi controller system using 2 x Livid Brain v2 and together with his highly tweakable Moog Sub 37 synthesizer has resulted in some of 2017’s most memorable dancefloor moments. Released in December 2017, Bodzin’s latest example of emotionally charged techno came from his Strand EP on Afterlife (imprint from Tale of Us) and yet again cemented Bodzin as one of the best and most consistent producers in the game. What makes this German artist stand out so much is that whenever he performs he is right there in the moment with the crowd and feels every note as he delivers it. His facial expressions are not just theatre for the crowd but genuine and honest passion for the music he creates. His performances at Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE always create a massive buzz when they come around and this Friday (March 23rd) with a DJ set from Âme’s Kristian Beyer also lined up this will be one of the events of the season, but then again aren’t they all at BMI?


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