Thursday | February 22, 2018

Destination: Meydan

Destination: Meydan
It is no secret that some serious moves have been made by the Meydan development recently and in the process, have brought several top-drawer brands to the entertainment district adjacent to Meydan racecourse. We take a look at what is going on there this weekend…

Las Vegas beachclub Drai’s made quite a stir when it arrived in Dubai and if their US counterpart is anything to go by, you can bet your bottom dollar it is going to ruffle a few more feathers in the coming weeks and seasons. Headlining the poolside venue this Friday (23rd) is American artist August Alsina and with stunning views of Downtown Dubai not to mention the views and vibe inside, Drai’s is shaping up to be a hedonistic haven for hip hop and r and b. For more information check out their event.
There is so much going on at Soho Garden on a weekly basis so keep up at the back. Residents Jixo and Danz will be taking you from seated position during dinner to a full-on arm in the air situation over the course of their Thursday evening residency. For those that over done it a bit the night before, Friday’s Balearic Sunset Brunch runs from 4pm to 8pm and sets you up perfectly for the night ahead. There are 2 options when it comes to this Friday night and you would be hard pushed to choose between the 2.
First up is the natural progression of the before mentioned brunch, and that is the Café Mambo party and this week the special guest is GW Harrison plus residents. Second up and not for the faint hearted is the grand opening of Soho Beach welcomes the clubbing goliath that is El Row and it also just happens to be Luciano’s birthday party all rolled in to one earth shattering package. There will be the usual array of pyrotechnics, décor and unusual characters as well as El Row artists De La Swing, Eddy M and the Soho Garden residents. What a choice to make?!

Let us also not forget one of the original powerhouse open air venues – White Dubai. White continues to amaze and astound with their wacky stage shows, unreal lighting show and eclectic soundtrack coming each and every Thursday from DJ Chabz. The following night at White Dubai is just as out there which will see French artist Maître GIMS dropping by to set off Tinie Tempah’s Disturbing Dubai party. Ladies will also enjoy a complimentary bar until 1am.


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