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What Your Valentines Day Gift Says About Your Boyfriend

What Your Valentines Day Gift Says About Your Boyfriend
Every girl, wherever they are loves getting a romantic gift on Valentine’s Day, but what does your gift say about your boyfriend and ultimately your relationship?
Dubai Night decided to do some digging and find out exactly what your Valentine’s Day gift means.

A Dozen Red Roses
This guy has a romantic streak but he likes to play it safe. We bet that this is what he has given to all of his girlfriends on Valentine’s Day as he thinks it’s what is expected. He is maybe not the deepest thinker in the world but he still wants to give you a gift that says ‘I love you’.

If your man gets you sexy lingerie on Valentine, he wants you to look and feel gorgeous. He definitely has an intimate night with you on his mind.

The way to a girl’s heart is definitely with chocolate. While it may be the kind of gift that kids give to their mum or teacher on Valentine’s Day, if it’s quality chocolate then your guy is appreciating the things that you love.

While your guy could buy any number of sweet smelling gifts, perfume is the most intimate. It means he is hoping to stick around and smell you for a long time. Even better if he pays attention to what perfume you like, and buys you a bottle of your favourite scent.

Diamond Earrings
This means your man is very serious about you. Diamond earrings are like an engagement ring for your ears. Start planning the wedding!

A Crazy Amount of Flowers Sent to Your Work
He may be totally infatuated with you, but by sending a crazy amount of blooms to your work, this guy is showing off.  But he also knows that the minute you get that floral delivery, the picture is going on Instagram and Facebook. You are a power couple who love the limelight.

A non-Valentine’s Day themed Present
You are dating a guy who feels deeply about everything, and does not want to buy into the commercialism of Valentine’s Day. But because he cares about you, he will take time to buy you something special, just don’t expect flowers.

A Romantic Dinner
This gift is both practical and romantic. It means that he really, really enjoys spending time with you and is also a bit of a foodie, so wants to share his favourite cuisine with you.

If your guy gets you zilch on Valentine’s Day, it could be because he is absent minded or perhaps just feels that every day is Valentine’s Day. But if he does not treat you like a princess the rest of the time, this shows that he is just not that into you. Dubai Night recommends grabbing your single girlfriends and making a night of it yourselves. You do not need a man to feel appreciated on Valentine’s Day, and if the girls are busy just treat yourself to something nice.


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