Monday | January 22, 2018


After the success of the �rst event. we were curious to see how the venue change would affect the outdoors Saturday festival. We were happy to see goin from an open green grass �eld to one made of concrete hadn't a ected anything. Some may disagree, but being nestled between buildings really helped shield the partygoers from the ooolish winter winds. We reached the new venue in Design District shortly after 6pm and the party was well and truly started. As with the first installment. Pure Ink spared no expense on one of the key elements: sound, and we loved them very much for it. 

Lauren Ritter was on deck duties, warming up the crowd with the signature All Day | Dream sound: a deep techy vibe mixed in with some intricate yet lovely melodies from around the globe. The crowd was bumping and everyone seemed happy. Organization was on point and clubbers were now acquainted with the bracelet payment system. Sadly, two of the headliners, namely Gorje Hewek & lzhevski, had their flights diverted so they couldn’t attend the festivities, but Lauren was a trooper and kept the party going and even extended the whole thing by 1 hour! A perfect little festival to close out the weekend. 


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