Wednesday | January 10, 2018

Get in The Frame

Dubai is all set to welcome the newest and hippest club that promises to offer a mind-blowing experience. Frame Nightclub combines elements of the theatre, music and art to give Dubai clubbers the ultimate venue. With an exciting cutting edge design, the most up to date light shows and of course a great bar and live entertainment, Frame gives visitors the true Gatsby experience. You will feel as though you are in the middle of a movie set, with the glamorous personnel, dancers, live bands and stunning interior. All you need is to hear ‘lights, camera, action’ to be in the middle of your very own movie, so dress to impress as this event is certain to attract the fashion crowd of Dubai.
On opening night on January the 13th, Frame Nightclub is hosting their own modern twist on the Russian dinner dance at their deluxe venue in Dubai Marine Resort. This is your chance to dress up like a Tsarina and dust off the furs and diamonds to celebrate the old New Year, Russian style. Why not celebrate 2018 twice with this Russian festival dating back to the Julian calendar. Party through the night and welcome in the Russian old New Year on the 14th with a night of music and dance.
This Russian NYE party kicks off our state of the art venue in high style. Our luxe event features the Party 4 Band, who play covers that everyone will know, and love as well as a side order of funky beats from DJ Marzava.
So if you had a ball at NY and want to keep the party going, why not come and celebrate Russian Old New Year with is at Frame Nightclub on January the 13th from 10.00pm onwards. This nightclub and venue is set to raise the glamour stakes in Dubai, bringing a touch of Moscow cool to the UAE.
So add this date to your diary, grab some friends and welcome in the Old New Year Russian style.



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