Tuesday | December 19, 2017


 People who celebrate Christmas in Dubai generally just go out for dinner, and maybe hang some decorations and Christmas lights, but elsewhere in the world, things can get seriously weird. Here are some Christmas traditions from other countries that really made us chuckle.
1. Night of the Radishes
If you go to Oaxaca in Mexico on the 23rd of December, you can feats your eyes on literally hundreds of carved radishes. The city has an annual exhibition of radishes with nativity scenes carved into them. There are even municipal allotments for growing Christmas radishes.
2. Kentucky Fried Christmas
In Japan people celebrate Christmas by heading enmasse to KFC. Yes, Kentucky Fried Chicken. It started when people could not buy a whole turkey or chicken, so decided to hit KFC instead. It has become so popular that many people actually book their finger lickin’ good chicken dinner in advance.
3. Roller Mass
In Caracas in Venezuela, people are allowed to go to Mass on roller skates. From the 16th until the 24th of December, the streets are closed to cars so that the skaters can get to church safely.

4. Zwarte Piet
In the Nederlands Saint Nicholas, who is basically a prototype of Father Christmas has a mischievous companion called Zwarte Piet, or Black Pete. He has a black face and wears old-fashioned clothing and a velvet cap, and is traditionally viewed as being Moorish.  Recently there has been criticism that he is racist, particularly as white people in blackface makeup generally play him. But many Dutch people see him as being a tradition, so not offensive at all.

 5. Hide The Pickle
This festive German tradition has a pickle being hidden in the Christmas tree. The first person to find it gets given a special Christmas gift.
6. Banana Trees
In India around 2.3% of the population are Christians, who love to celebrate Christmas. But due to the warm climate there are no pine trees so they hang Christmas decorations on banana trees.
So next time you think that getting a visit from a bearded chubby guy dressed in red and white clothing is weird, spare a thought for people in other countries with some very odd Christmas traditions.


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