Sunday | December 03, 2017

Top 8 tips to finally get up in the morning

1. Standing up as soon as you hear your alarm clock and without wiggling your ass
Don't push back your alarm every ten minutes, it's the best way to struggle every morning to lift your butt off the bed. You think maybe you can get ten minutes of sleep, but in fact you're going into a new cycle that's going to exhaust you a lot more than if you'd got up at the initial time.
2. Try to have a positive thought to motivate you
You do not have to bother with small problems in the morning, find yourself a reason to get up that is not a hint of suicide. It's all stupid but this little mechanic should encourage your body and mind to extricate itself from the bed.
3. Have a sport session (yes, yes)
Even if the simple concept of burpees awakens in you a dying instinct of death, it would really seem that moving your butt out of bed would help you to project into a form rarely equaled.
4. Drink a big glass of water
Because at night you sweat. You sweat a lot. Especially you. You wake up a little dehydrated. It is for this reason that it is better to re-invigorate water as soon as you wake up to put your ideas back in place.
5. Get out and get some fresh air
If you are 100% motivated you can even have a little jog to be really on top. If you are motivated to 26%, go out, buy the breakfast and cook for your house mates or pets. And if your motivation does not exceed 2%, you can already open the shutters and windows before getting dressed. It will always be better than semi-darkness. Always better to be awakened by natural light.
6. Take a hot shower (no way)
Attention, we do not judge your smell of sweat under the arms, eh! But contrary to what we think the hot shower does not get you sleepy, it wakes you up. And conversely the cold shower will lower the temperature of your body and help you fall asleep.
7. Change alarm clock
It's always better to surprise your brain a bit, which gets used to the morning melody that is supposed to boost it.
8. Prepare your things the day before
No need to hit the dishes in the morning when waking or struggling on clothes to wear. Take care of all this before going to bed. 
Bravo, if you read this top to the end, it is that you managed to wake up. Go, now wash and walk.


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