Tuesday | October 24, 2017

16 Burning Beach looks at Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE

16 Burning Beach looks at Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE
Burning Beach is the hippest electronic music festival going and this year on Friday the 27th of October at Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE.  The stunning beach is the setting for this psychedelic adventure in sound, with partygoers expected to dress up in their best tribal finery to take this festival to the next level. Headliners at the event include H.O.S.H, Lehar as well as regular soundscapers Jixo & Danz, Frederick Stone, DJ Jean B and Aidin Karami to keep the dance floor pumping. 
Dubai Night has compiled some of the best costumes worn by partygoers at the last burning beach party, to give you an idea of what Dubai hipsters are wearing this year.

1. Going historic on Burning Beach, dressed in leather and rubber with steampunk accessories. Killer heels mandatory.
2. Welcome to ‘wanderland’, grab your girlfriends and let your steampunk adventure begin.
3. Find someone who sets your soul on fire: Lady Gaga meets an explorer from the future.

4. Hey girl, can we ride with you? A break for freedom in prisoner chic and dead-on-trend tribal style.
5. On the beach, perception shapes reality in a never-seen-before portable shower costume.
6. Fan the flames with hate or stoke the fire with love. Either way, you’re gonna burn. Especially if you’re rocking a sexy mix of skin, animal print and futuristic goggles.

7. Where must we go in search of our better selves? Mr Death Road might have some ideas. Loving his striking face paint, sharp tailoring and signature top hat.
8. Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere. And sometimes in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself. Urban explorers mix hippy chic with Victorian-punk.
9. When your blood flows as hot as fire, look to the ancients or the ones to come for vibrant, colourful party-chic.

10. Pink is a road warrior searching for a righteous cause… while taking sexy cues from Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.
11. On the beach you are freedom: hats off to an amazing head-turning costume.
12. Living like it's just the beginning. Partying like it's the end. And channeling the 90’s in 808 State-inspired radioactive wear.

14. Kisses, from this road warrior, in straps, chains and goggles.
15. They came and they saw it. They saw it all. Head-turners inspired by avant-garde band, The Residents.
16. As our world burns, each of us in our own way is beautifully broken… bringing the funky to the surreal in this perfectly suited ensemble.


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