Tuesday | September 19, 2017

A Guide to Guys You Will Meet on a Night Out

When you and your gal pals are on a big night out, you are bound to meet different types of guy. Let Dubai Night be your guide to who to snog, marry or avoid on a night out in Dubai.
1. Thug Life
The super cool street guy who wears his jeans low slung and can’t speak unless it’s in slang.

2. The Cling-on
That guy who is behind you in every bar and won’t go away, until you and your posse tell security who will gladly evict the creep.

3. The Tipsy
This guy can barely lift his head from the table yet insists on mumbling at you and your friends or ranting incoherently, a good look, NOT.

4.  The Charmer
He offers compliments at every turn, but is he just being a sleazebag? You can guess this is true if he insists on saying the same thing to you and all your girlfriends.

5. The Hot Gay Guy
You and your friends will meet a hot guy on the dance floor who is a lot of fun and very hip with it, but after half an hour your gaydar will kick in and you will realise you are just not his type. On the plus side, you can chat about guys together. 

6. The Rich Guy
You and your posse will bump into that smooth, rich guy with designer clothes who wants to buy you all champagne, say cheers for the drinks but remind him that he can’t expect you to go home with him at the end of the night.

7. The Cheat
That guy with the obvious girlfriend or the wedding ring just won’t leave you alone, just keep to the girl code and send him packing.

8. The Oldie
This middle aged guy will for some reason think he can pull any girl he wants, and for some reason he is all over girls in their twenties, unless you are into a golden oldie, tell him to get lost!

9. The Wing Man
Right, his sexy pal has gone in for the kill with your BFF, and you are left with the next best thing, the wingman. You have to be polite for the sake of your pal, but if you are just not feeling it, be honest.

10. The Keeper
Just to prove that not all guys are idiots, you will meet a lovely guy who has great banter, is not too pushy and asks you out on a proper date so you can get to know each other. Take a chance, he could be a keeper.


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