Thursday | September 07, 2017

Ready or not? WHITE returns with a season beyond ordinary!

If you can see queues forming in Dubai by 11pm, you know you're in for a treat! Located at the grandstand at Meydan Hotel a. Racecourse, the sought-after and high-tech outdoor rooftop venue creates a club experience like no other through innovative and elusive party ideology! From beyond the extensive queues and towering white pearly gates of the entrance, it immediately became apparent that FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) was upon us as everybody and their dog was in attendance for the season reopening of WHITE's URBN Saturday's. By 11:30pm the club was already heaving.
As the name states, URBN lets us divulge in a mix of RnB, Afrobeats, UK Grime and Hip Hop music. Tonight, was not about to disappoint, as the regions award-winning and internationally renowned British DJ's had been handpicked to kick-start this season with Dany Neville, DJ Moky and Tinie Tempah's Disturbing London's DJ Charlesy. We were being taken on a journey beginning with 005 RnB classics like, "Tell Me What You Want From Me" by Mase feat. Total and "Bartender" by T-Pain feat. Akon, through to current hip hop with, "Humble" by Kendrick Lamar.

As expected in true Dubai fashion, the club has received a full refurbishment whilst being closed through the summer months, with some of these improvements being felt physically as an air-conditioning system has been built into the sides, billowing cold air on the crowd which is essential when partying in 28-degree heat! If that wasn’t enough to get your tongues wagging, an exclusive and never-done—before Champagne Room has been built, allowing guests to personally pick out their Champagne of preference in a comfortable space. Another bar has also been added, relieving pressure on the main bar and minimizing waiting time - oh did I forget to mention URBN Saturday's offer free drinks for ladies until 2am?! If you’re free on a Saturday night and urban music tickles your fancy, URBN at WHITE is highly recommended.


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