Monday | July 24, 2017

Ladies, What Your Drink Says About You?

 Oh YES it's Ladies Night and the feeling's right Oh YES it's Ladies Night, oh what a night… oh what a drink!
Just like your dress, bag and choice of shoes, the cocktail you order can say a lot about your personality – what you order at the bar is often determined by how you are feeling at the time. It’s Ladies Night O'Clock.
Vodka Soda
You want to get tipsy but don’t want the calories (Only 50 calories in a vodka and slim line). You just want a delicious, clean, simple life and drink. Someone attempts to put a bright pink cocktail umbrella in your pure drink? You’d (stylishly) take their eye out with it.

Asia Asia 
Every Tuesday, all the ladies enjoy 3 complimentary drinks from 6pm-1am from an extensive selection of cocktails and wine whilst marveling at the stunning views of the Marina Harbour from our famous terrace.

Gin & Tonic
Oh Gin drinker, you are so mysterious. A Gin & Tonic drinker personifies the word ‘sensible’ (until they have one too many). You love drinking, but look at being tipsy as a deeper experience. You are the “cool” one in your ring of friends, and have had an interesting, enviable career. You are great storytellers who happily drink perfume.

At the Greenhouse, dress to impress, and spread that ‘EnVii’ from 8:00pm to 11:00pm, while sipping on two complimentary drinks.

If you drink wine, you like to read articles on the Internet about the state of the economy. You like to wear your glasses even though you don’t need them. Red and white drinkers can mingle, but, certain lines are never crossed. You either truly appreciate wine, or you really enjoy the wine buzz. I'd go with the latter.

Ladies get complimentary drinks including wine, prosecco and house spirits plus 50% Off Main Courses as well as unlimited bubbly while dining.

The Cosmopolitan
You are effortlessly cool and classy but are a troubled soul, a hot mess. You hopefully have fine motor skills because martini glasses are basically the absolute worst and a design disaster. Who cares? Feel like a stylish city girl as you sip your “Sex and the City” cocktail.

* Cargo 
On Tuesdays, ladies can enjoy complimentary selected house grapes or house spirits/mixers along with our regular cosmopolitans, from 8 pm onwards!

Possibly the most annoying drink to make. Delicious, but annoying. You are not the one to go home after a tiring day. You love to work hard and party harder. Mojito is a strong drink and an instant mood switcher. You don’t actually like the taste of rum, so you cover it up and try to look cute. Long life Rum and mint leaves!

stylish women come together to enjoy unlimited Mojito selection at Sho Cho Dubai’s Ladies Night. Tuesday from 6:00pm – 2:00am

You desperately want to be Italian. You don’t care though, you look ace and people notice the style. You remain potent and dapper as you gracefully swing through life. You will do it al fresco. You pronounce Italian words with more gusto than before, you even use words like gusto.

Lock Stock and Barel 
Every Tuesday throughout Ramadan, join us for the Lock, Stock & Lipstick ladies' night where all ladies continue to enjoy 3 FREE drinks from 6pm till 1am at LSB!

Bubbly Who are you? You stand on the outside of crowds and observe. People approach you to ask your permission for various things. You are generally happy and a tad lucky. You don't eat much; you don't sleep much. And, after a few glasses of bubbles, who cares. You're just having fun, right, out with the girls.

Lucky Voice 
We're talking unlimited selected drinks from 8pm-1am (including sparkling & cocktails), 50% off dining, complimentary glitter by the GLAM BAR ladies and private karaoke pod taster sessions! There are even offers for the boys, if they're lucky!

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