Tuesday | April 12, 2016

Interview of the Week - Spencer Hartwell

As one of the major winners in the Time Out Awards 2016, receiving the prize for 'Bar Of The Year' earlier in March, we had to have a chat to the Sales and Marketing Director of The Solutions Leisure Group; Spencer Hartwell.

Congratulations on The Time Out Award! What are the key success factors to become as successful as you are in nightlife?
Team work is very important. From building the venue, to artwork, finding the right locations, and having a great management structure.
What are the challenges in running a successful concept in Dubai?
Finding the right location is critical and a major factor in making it here in the Dubai Nightlife scene.
You are the Group Sales and Marketing Manager of Solutions Leisure. How did you get the opportunity to be a part of the the Group?
I think it has a lot to do with my good looks and razor sharpe wit. It could also be the fact that I met two great guys 5 years ago in Egypt, that were looking to open venues in Dubai and they took a chance on a cheeky chappy salesman.
Tell us more about you background?

I have been in sales all my life. From market stalls to penthouse and now food and beverage. Sales and marketing are very similar. Sales you speak, marketing you write and create, its all the same.
How long have you been in Dubai?
On and off nearly 7 years.
How did you end up in the nightlife scene?

By chance like a lot of great things in life. I was working in Egypt and was introduced to two gents that owned and operated 15 venues out there. Next thing you know I became a part of the nightlife scene in Dubai.
You are from England, what are the differences comparing nightlife in UK compared to in Dubai?

To go from your local pub to a Nightclub is often seen as a hassel in the UK. Taxi, train, all cramming in your mates car. In Dubai, the transition is a lot easier, plus the selection here is a lot greater.
What defines a good crowd for you?

Enjoyment. When you see people eating and drinking and having a great time.
Tell us more about your upcoming projects for The Solutions Leisure Group?
Now that would be telling. I will say we have one more venue planned to open this year.
Where do you see yourself and the industry in 10 years?
On a beach and not involved in it day to day.
How did you celebrate the Time Out Award?

The Asia Asia team all came to Lock Stock & Barrel as they also won the award for 'The Best New Nightlife Venue'.
Any key people that you would like to thank that have been involved in the success of Asia Asia, Karma, Q43 and Lock Stock and Barrel?
All of them! Fabio, Amy, Kevin, Greg, Mikey, Karolina, Chorcha, Lulu, Jeff, Beatrice and Lucelle. My partner in crime Sacha Daniel and I better not forget the big bosses Freek Teusink and Paul Evans.

Spencer Hartwell.

Asia Asia in Pier 7, Dubai Marina.

The latests venue of The Solutions Leisure Group; Lock Stock and Barrel.

Time Out Awards 2016.



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