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Dust Out Your Costume For the Middle East Film and Comic Con 2016

Dust Out Your Costume For the Middle East Film and Comic Con 2016
Dubai�s World Trade Centre will be hosting the Middle East�s Film and Comic Con from the 7th-9th April; the international exhibition is set to combine film, comics and gaming for the ultimate in pop-culture festivals.
The event always attracts top-notch guests from the entertainment industry and this year is no exception with Stan Lee, the cult comic book writer, actor, TV host and former president of Marvel Comics speaking before a no doubt rapt audience. As well as Lee, other guests include Summer Glau from Firefly, the actor Nick Frost, Christopher Lloyd from the Back to the Future series, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau who is infamous for playing Jamie Lannister in HBO�s Game of Thrones and the WWE Superstar wrestler, Randy Orton along with the MEFCC host and screenwriter and actor, Max Landis. There are also going to be a multitude of guests from the comic world, including writers, artists, producers and make-up artists.

Comic-Con is renowned for having great workshops and this year visitors can learn how to bring a superhero to life through the medium of creative writing, or create realistic looking scars and face moulds, as well as workshops on gaming, illustration and design.

One of the main draws of Comic-Con�s worldwide is the Cosplay competition where visitors can dress up as their favourite film or comic character and perform on stage, either individually or as part of a bigger group for prizes. If you want to enter the competition, just fill in a form online and send any music you have for the performance to [email protected].

Info:� Dubai World Trade Centre: Za�abeel halls 4, 5 and 6 starting on April 7th at 11am for VIP pass holders and 2pm for Day pass holders. Opening times on April 8th and 9th are from 10am until 10pm.

Cost: VIP Dh500 (online) Dh600 (on the door); 1 day pass Dh100 (online) Dh130 (on the door); 3 day pass Dh250 (online) Dh300 (at the door)


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