Monday | February 22, 2016

New Outdoor Concert Venue Planned for Dubai

New Outdoor Concert Venue Planned for Dubai
Dubai is all set to get a brand spanking 25,000 capacity outdoor concert arena, which will boost the amount of live events that can be hosted in the emirate. 117 Live in collaboration with AAHG are opening the venue in 2017, with a temporary greenfield site already in place.

The project is being headed up by Thomas Ovesen, the music whizz who was instrumental in bringing Justin Bieber and One Direction to Dubai as well as Take That and the exclusive, invitation only gigs for Prince and Katy Perry. The promoter has long wanted another venue in Dubai, as the area is the perfect stopover point for bands on tour travelling between Europe and Asia. Ovesen has paired up with the Al Ahli Group to grow large live music events in the region and beyond with forays into Asia, the Far East and the US planned.

This new venue was announced at the same time as another venue in Dubai opens its doors, Dubai Opera District in Downtown Dubai is set to become a centrepiece in UAE culture, with its 2,000 seat venue next to Burj Khalifa hosting events as divergent as ballet, opera, and orchestral concerts to film and sporting events and art exhibitions.

At the moment only the Dubai Media City Amphitheatre has the capacity for holding large-scale concerts and events, so these two venues will only serve to boost culture within the UAE.


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