Thursday | February 11, 2016

Swim Amongst the Stars in Dubais Sky High Swimming Pool

Swim Amongst the Stars in Dubais Sky High Swimming Pool
Dubai�s Palm Jumeirah Island is soon to be the location of the tallest swimming pool in the world.

The new St Regis Dubai will house the 360� infinity pool which will be a staggering 50 storeys above ground level. The hotel, which hopes to open doors in 2018 will be attached to Nakheel�s Palm Tower, with the luxurious pool extending across the four sides of the 289-room tower, so swimmers can enjoy scenic views of Dubai while in the water. The pool will be some 700 feet above sea level, and will be open to hotel guests and residents, as the tower will house 504 luxury flats as well as a restaurant and viewing deck so that people can enjoy the magnificent views across the city.

The hotel itself will be on the first 18 floors and is conveniently located near the Nakheel Mall, which is still being built over 418,000 square metres at a cost of Dhs 2.5 billion. The mall is predicted to have some 200 shops, 2 department stores, 12 restaurants, a large cinema, 6 medical clinics, cafes and room for 4,000 cars. St Regis Dubai is also building a polo resort in the city as well as a St Regis hotel in Amman.


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