Wednesday | November 18, 2015

Red Bull FlugTag Back in UAE

Red Bull FlugTag Back in UAE
The 27th of November, the Red Bull FlugTag is back in Dubai. Red Bull challenges the brave competitors to design and build their own homemade flying machine. The machines are suppose to �fly� off the 30 foot high flight deck in the sky. The machine that reaches the longest in flight distance will be named the winner of the competition, together with the highest scores based of creativity and showmanship.

FlugTag means� �flying day� in German and the purpose is to inspire the development of the human-powered flying ability in a very creative way.

Competitors from previous years created flying Tacos, Winnebago�s with wings and also Snoopy and the gang showing off on the Flugtag flight decks!

The first Red Bull Flugtag took place year 1992, in Vienna, Austria. Today more than 100 Red Bull Flugtags have been held around the world.

Here are some of the highlights from previous years.


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