Sunday | May 17, 2015

Square Opening Thursday 21st of May

Square Opening Thursday 21st of May

Save the date - 21ST MAY highlights a fresh concept for Berlin Style party fanatics with the launch night featuring music by industry heavyweight Reboot and Aidin Karami.

For the past few years Reboot has been a pioneering figure in the electronic dance music scene. His productions are dedicated to grooves both darkly emphatic and dazzlingly polyrhythmic. Expect his set to incorporate the whole spectrum from deep minimal sounds to driving electronic-tech vibes on the opening Thursday at Square.�

We start the night with Aidin Karami behind the decks, his unrestrained energy and music which will leave an imprint on your night.�

Here is the place to lose yourself and forget your concerns.�

You do not go to Square to be seen. You go to dance!

Say YES to the best underground music supplied by solid performers.

Location: Level 5, JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, Business Bay, Dubai.

Line up:
Aidin Karami�

Doors open at 10PM to 3AM


Preference will be given to mixed groups

Admission fee: AED100�

Square guestlist is open to anyone, but is not for everyone.

Guestlist closes at 12PM

To enter the guestlist, please submit your name and contact number at least 24HOURS before the event to:
[email protected]

50% off on drinks for Face Card holders.



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