Wednesday | January 21, 2015

Matt tolfrey & jozif blue marlin ibiza uae

Matt tolfrey & jozif blue marlin ibiza uae
Matt tolfrey & jozif blue marlin ibiza uae�friday january 23 2015

10 years of Leftroom Records is proudly celebrating at Blue Marlin�ibizauae�on Friday 23rd of January...matt tolfrey�will be joined by Jozif in what is sure to be one memorable day!

From the moment you enter, you will enjoy our Balearic heaven filled with sunshine, the most amazing Mediterranean cuisine with a hint of the orient and blissful beats all day long. Sip on a cool cocktail whilst sinking into one of our beach beds, or dine with us in our restaurant with a menu that is set to take your taste buds on tantalizing journey.

A name that continues to gain attention across the international electronic music circuit is dj and producer jozif. The born and bred London artist has worked his way to what is now undisputed success with typical (to those that know him) �jozif swagger�; passionate, determined and wildly talent driven.�

In a current musical climate where originality can often be overtaken by the mundane and regular, Matt Tolfrey�s tireless devotion and relentless energy have taken him to a point where he is beginning to shape the musical world around him. Labels of the legendary Classic Records and 1Trax now approach him to launch their compilation series.�

We can guarantee that your feet will not leave the dance floor!

For reservations, contact 056 113 3400 or email [email protected]

Reservation timings from 11AM - 9PM
Restaurant hours from 1PM - 11PM

Safety driver service available (booking required 48-hours prior to event); guarantee yours today.


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