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Tara Jane McDonald is an English songwriter and vocalist widely recognised for a string of crossover hits both internationally and in the UK. ara achieved success working with Armand Van Helden and co-writing with Axwell on the chart hits �My My My� and �Feel The Vibe�. Both these projects debuted at #1 in the club charts.

Hey Tara, you had a great time in Dubai, tell us a little more about it.
I was performing at the VIP Room Dubai which was so much fun and I also had a couple of days off to chill out as well so it was work, rest and play!
Describe your perfect event� Who are you playing with? Which venue? All the details are up to you.
The perfect event for me has to have amazing sound, that for me is the most important thing. When the sound is great it gives me so much confidence.� The people that come to the event are everything, they bring the life and energy.� When I�m onstage I give everything that I have and just want to share my voice and soul with the crowd and that energy just bounces back and fourth and gets more intense. That�s heaven to me.
You did a photoshooting with Dubainight, how was it ?
It was a great shoot and actually I have never had a photo shoot like this before, we shot on 3 different types of cameras 1 digital and 2 film cameras.� It was really interesting as 1 camera was like a Victorian one and I had to hold each pose for a few minutes rather than the usual click pose, click pose.� I�m really looking forward to seeing the results !
Artist career normally gets steered by influential events and people in our lives, what has been the biggest influence on your music?
My parents really influenced me as a kid as they allowed me the freedom to express myself and always encouraged me to follow my dreams.� Every weekend my Dad would drive me to rehearsals or auditions, I am so lucky they were so supportive.� I don�t know where my desire to perform came from as no one in my family are in the music or entertainment industry, I just always knew I wanted to sing and make music and it still feels as exciting today as it did when I was a kid.
What are some of your most recent achievements?
My biggest goal was signing to a major record label and to make 2 album.� Everyone told me it would be impossible as getting an album deal now is so hard, especially now a lot of people steal music and not buy it.� But I just knew it would happen and then last year I signed to Mercury/Universal and now I�m finishing my album, it�s a dream come true!
Any upcoming collaborations we should know about?
Well there�s gonna be a few features on my album and I�m workjng with some amazing producers from the pop and dance/EDM world but I don�t want to spoil the surprise and list the names here.� You're just gonna have to wait and see ;)
What are your hopes and aspirations for the future?
My dream now is to make my album a worldwide smash, I just want to tour and be able to put on a great show.� I hope to continue to write and make music till the day I die as I know there will always be something else I want to write about.

What motivates you to wake up and sing day in and day out?
I honestly don�t know, it just feels right.
What questions of interest have I not asked and which you would like to answer? Answer ;-)
Well I have my own dance music radio show called �I Like This Beat� it�s my passion project.� The show is a weekly dance music show and it started last year on FG radio in France and now its syndicated in 32 countries around the world, Emirates airlines and available worldwide as a podcast on iTunes.� I�m really proud of it and its so much fun to make and share music that I love.

And the last one, what are the three things that you each MUST take with you and why?
Make up! I never travel without a massive make up bag.� I guess I�m pretty insecure about how I look and am conscious of always trying to look my best and as a Virgo I have to always be prepared.

I have a Chanel handbag which is always with me, I love it as it�s a classic design and inside it has some essentials, my passport as I travel so much and things change all the time so I�m always ready to travel and inside there is also my ear defenders.

Ear defenders are so important for me as I�m in nightclubs so often and I have already lost 15% of my hearing on one side so I always wear my ear defenders in clubs now. Oh and sunglasses, if I have no make up on they cover up all my sins :D



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