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Carl Cox & friends 10 year anniversary at Ultra Music festival

Carl Cox & friends 10 year anniversary at Ultra Music festival
Carl Cox, one of dance music�s most iconic and beloved superstars, is about to make a little bit of history when he celebrates the 10th year of his wildly successful Carl Cox & Friends arena at Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

Forever a champion of techno and known as the people�s DJ, Carl has always been an innovative artist that never jumped on bandwagons or broke bread with the status-quo. His magic lies in his sincere and absolute joy for what he does; a love and energy that resonates like electricity every time he performs. Carl�s infectious laugh and famous gap-toothed smile have been welcoming fans into his house from the start, but it�s what he does when they�re inside that keeps �em coming back for more. And that friends, is why Cox is King.

Carl is a doer. A perfectionist. A person that has never uttered the phrase �Someone should,��� That�s because if it needs doing, he�s on it with everything he�s got. Carl began to sense a gaping hole on the festival circuit between what fans wanted and what they were getting. He made a fortuitous decision to correct this rift and to devote himself to providing an experience that people would never forget. The result, of course, was Carl Cox & Friends.

Carl wanted to create a festival within a festival, a place where people could experience music on a deeper level by artists who understand how to take their audience on a real musical journey. �An antithesis of the formulaic one hour sets that litter mainstages by so-called �superstar DJs.�

The arena has grown quite organically for ten years now.� As people began to experience it the legend of the arena magnified and it began to take on a life of its own. Carl Cox & Friends has a real energy swirling about it and people are completely invested in the musical experience. �

Think of CC&F as immersion therapy for your soul.

The arena is a crowing jewel of Ultra, showcasing music and artists that would not be heard otherwise. Production wise, it's in a league all it's own. Truly an epic feat of engineering, the arena balances both art and technology within a sonic playground perfected for all your senses. No detail is left to chance and no expense is spared. And yes, Carl himself curates the line-up on each and every day. Once the festival�s gates open, it�s a mad dash to get a prime location� because once the arena swells to capacity, you will not find a way in!� People understand that the night is a story and they want to hear the beginning, middle and end. That's the power of Carl Cox & Friends.

Carl was recently asked 'to what did he attribute his success' and, without hesitation, remarked;

Every day I want to know what the next record sounds like, where the next artist is coming from. I want to still excite myself by listening to music. I want to play those records and share them with people. I enjoy it; my office is behind the DJ booth. � Without all the sparkles and lights around it, at the end of the day, it�s just me and the music.�

With the 10 Year Anniversary happening in only a few weeks, Carl will realize a momentous career achievement with 300,000 of his closest friends on hand -and perhaps millions more- watching from home via Ultra's live broadcast. It�s been ten wonderful years in the making and Carl and team have made this promise the world�

�You ain�t seen nothin� yet!�


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