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#ThrowBackThursday: Would You Recognise These Celebs?

#ThrowBackThursday: Would You Recognise These Celebs?

Celeb watching (stalking for some) is something most people are guilty of. Lets face it, we all love nothing more than staring at celebs. Whether it�s to drool at their perfect bootys, to point out their latest post-plastic surgery scars or to criticise their thousand dollar outfits, we just can�t get enough.

Celebrity watching is the new Facebook stalking and if you scroll down far enough, you�re bound to find something terrible.

With today being Thursday, we thought would only be right that we take a look back at the throw backs they don�t want you to see! Back to a time when our most loved celebs, didn�t come with an entourage of stylists, makeup artists and hairdressers. Back to a time when they were��barely famous.

Trey Songz

I don�t want to be rude to 2002 Trey, but the words �vast improvement� spring to mind. Would we have recognized fresh faced full haired Trey without his comparison photo? I�m going to say no.


Riri is one hot piece of lady and no one can take that away from her, no one. Except maybe her 2003 self. Though to be fair, no amount of natural beauty is going to win next to a heavily made up and photoshopped version of yourself.


Sorry girls, this can never be un-seen. For those of you whose life long aim is be �Mrs Drake� then perhaps it�s better you know now what your first born might look like.

Kim Kardashian

Kim? Is that you? With the cornrows? Really?

Katie Price

And the winner for the �most unrecognizable throw back� goes to Katie Price with a picture from what we are assuming were the pre-Jordan years.

Halle Berry

And the winner of �God damn it woman, tell us what moisturizer you use� is Halle Berry.

Finally, one celebrity that probably won�t mind us showing off her #throwback. Taken nearly 10 years apart these pictures are proof that Halle Berry just does not are.

Whatever she�s putting on her face� we want some.


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