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Balmy palms, mojitos & margaritas, pool parties, fluorescent luminescence, art deco, loco stucco and the odd pink flamingo or two��

To the Planet Dance it all means one thing: MMW, WMC, UMF, MIA and PvD are all inbound! With the electronic music cognoscenti primed for the annual sun-chasing mass-migration down Florida way, Paul is today delighted to be able to reveal his Miami maneuvers for 2014.

Looking to catch him spin? Well Big Smile, cause be it on land or sea, you won't have to look too far!
Diaries out: these are the Miami '14 dates to watch out for�

March 27th: Paul van Dyk Presents VANDIT Records AllStars @ Dream on Washington Ave.

On the Thursday of conference week, VANDIT's turntable knights will gather en-masse to ink the hallmark sound of PvD's imprint on MIA's backside! For your clubbing pleasure, the label have the only the finest talent behind the decks: Alex M.O.R.P.H. b2b-ing with regular compadre Woody van Eyden, as well as spin-masters Las Salinas, Maarten de Jong, Tristan D, Ben Nicky, (deep breath!) David Forbes, Judge Jules, Kaeno and Chris Becker.

'Phew, what a line-up', you're thinking, but that's not the end of it! The night will also feature live-on-stage vocal performances from Daniel Nitt and 'We Come Together' chanteuse Sue McLaren, as well as a exclusive feature length set from a 'special mystery guest'!

March 28th: Paul van Dyk @ Space, downtown Miami

With the climax of MMW rushing up fast, Paul returns to the venue he ushered-in 2014. Three months from his NYE turn at the club, Space will once again be the only place that matters on Friday. With Max Graham in close support, he'll be road-blocking downtown Miami to put the bass back into the legendary Space.

March 29th: Paul van Dyk � Miami Sunset Cruise

The following afternoon, it'll be time to get a bit of 'wh2oa' (!) into your system as Paul sets sail for the high seas. More precisely, that'll be 'high Keys', as Master & Commander PvD sonically steers the luxury yacht Musette on a club cruise around those ever inviting Florida waters.

March 30th: Paul van Dyk @ the Ultra Music Festival, Bayfront Park

Closing out Miami 2014 in more ways than one, last but far from least Sunday 30th sees Paul van Dyk hit UMF! He'll be spinning the prestigious finale set at Ultra's once-seen, never-forgotten Mega Structure arena in Bayfront Park. Catch him among the stars and skyscrapers Sunday night.

Put joyless January and foggy February to the back of your mind� cause March means Miami! Ticket details for all Paul van Dyk related Miami '14 events are available through�


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