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Buddha Bar

Buddha Bar

Originating from one of Paris�s chicest quartiers, Buddha Bar has now been rated as one of Dubai�s best restaurants and bars.� This majestic venue located in the heart of the Marina houses an impressive two-floor restaurant as well as a bar serving fancy cocktails and a fine selection of bubbly.��� Guests dine in the extravagant dining room, lined with plush carpets, adorned with rich red and luxurious gold d�cor and dazzling from the light sparkling from overhanging crystal chandeliers.� Oozing in sophistication and style, Buddha Bar�s eye-catching and unique design makes it a quite unforgettable venue to visit.

The menu is undoubtedly as sumptuous as the interior.� Inspired by the oriental cuisine in Thailand, China and Japan, the kitchen infuses seasonal fresh ingredients from Arabia in order to serve deliciously divine dishes.� Its Asian-inspired menu will get your taste buds tantalized with its signature vegetable tempora, duck pancakes and a variety of sushi and curries.� Bringing flavours from all over Asia to Dubai, Buddha Bar is one of the hottest dining spots in the region.���

Practical information
Grosvenor House Dubai
P.O Box 118500 - Duba�, United Arab Emirates.
T : 971 43 998 888 / +800 325 45 454


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