Friday | February 01, 2013

The New 32 in PSG...Beckham, a gold guy!

Our parisian journalist Angie has the big chance to get her office above the official PSG shop on Champs Elys�es. She explains us the excitement in the French capital yesterday ... Beckham has signed with the famous football club Paris Saint Germain.

I avoid the usual verse we could see everywhere he's finally signed for PSG and donate all of his fees to charity, blablablabla! BTW, our French footballers should take a lesson ...

Something something�charitable donation something something offsetting tax something something.

It�s easy to see why he�s viewed as little more than a marketing ploy these days.
Beckham, as a free agent, could�ve joined PSG at any point over the past few months. Today was chosen for maximum global impact. Nothing is done on the fly with this guy.

I really don't care is he's a marketing ploy but I wanna know if this beautiful athletic body will buy a house in Paris and thus leave the Black Card to Victoria to go shopping in Avenue Montaigne ... The suspense remains over. According to our sources, Victoria and the children would return to their native England. But Paris is THE glamourous city in the world.

How long does it stay in a hotel, away from his family because ...

"Paris is shite, the French are all gits, I hate croque�monsieurs�and The Louvre smells like a ballbag

In addition, this morning was the excitement at 27 Avenue des Champs Elys�es, most major French TV channels were present. Awaited them? the arrival of Beckham? Nobody will answer this riddle. In any case, I will always be at the forefront if the finest English with a H&M underwear sticking his nose.... :)

Go Beckham or Go Home

Angie Cadoret


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