Wednesday | January 09, 2013

#ITW Go Hardwell or go home!

#ITW Go Hardwell or go home!

The #6 Dj in the world, Dutch Superstar Hardwell will be in Dubai the January 24. Discover a cool guy humourous! We talk with him about the new projects in 2013...

First of all, Happy New year Robbert! what can we wish you for 2013 ?

Happy New Year to you too�! Good health and fun times are all I ask for.

What are your goals for 2013 ?

My focus this year is to work on more original material. I am also putting together a new unique full stage show which I�ll be taking on the road with me later in 2013 � I�m really looking forward to bring this element into my touring.

If my information is correct, on January 24, you play for the first time in dubai. What will you expect?

That�s correct. I�ve heard a lot of great things from my fellow djs about Dubai and I�m really looking forward to coming out to experience it for myself. I am also very keen to check out the city and its many impressive buildings.

How long will you stay there?

Unfortunately will only be for one night as I�m back on the road again the next day for the live celebration of the 100st edition of my radioshow Hardwell on Air.

Do you know the musical scene in Dubai ?

Only what I�ve heard and read about. Dubai is well known for having a good dance scene so the gig should be a lot of fun. I�ve received a lot of messages from fans in that area who are excited for the show.

Many great artists came in Dubai. Do you get a pressure ?

Do I get pressure? No, not at all. I enjoy playing in places where many of my peers have performed in � these are the kind of tour dates I�ve always dreamt of. I get excited to play in new places and share my music with new audiences.

Sky Dive is the favorite activity in Dubai for artists, it's like a prerequisite. You wanna try it?

I have heard this before. I�m not sure I�ll get time to on this trip but maybe in the future ;)

You celebrated NYE in US during a tour and after dubai you'll be back. Do you think to buy an apartment over there ?

I could see myself relocating there for a short while but ultimately my heart is best at home in the Netherlands so I can�t ever see me living anywhere else. Also I love Europe and a lot of my DJing is still here in Europe.

For your next tour, you'll be with your friends Dannic & Dyro. You're not afraid to share your space in a bus ?

We�ve all been friends for years and are more like a family now so sharing the tour bus with them will be one big party. It�ll be an incredible experience to be on the road with them for that length of time and getting this chance to tour Canada with my Revealed Recordings label and friends is a really proud moment for me.

On facebook, with the Q&A, I bet you had a lot of marriage proposals, but what are the questions that you preferred?

Haha yes I�ve had a one or two offers of marriage. I prefer to talk about my music than my future marital status but I do love doing those interviews via Facebook, Twitter etc as I find it a great way to connect directly with fans and music lovers. Sadly I sometimes don�t get the time at gigs to do it so this at least helps me keep connected and answer any questions.

And say what you want!

See you soon Dubai. Go Hardwell or go home!

By Angie Cadoret



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