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Dubai Nightlife

Dubai Nightlife

Dubai’s diverse and varied nightlife has much to offer in the late-night entertainment stakes and the Emirate regularly hosts some of the most in-demand artists in the world including Solomun, David Guetta, Carl Cox or 50 Cent as well as the more underground artists that visit Dubai on a weekly basis.
There is a wide range of bars and nightclubs in Dubai, but due to the various licencing laws in the UAE most of these are located inside or are connected to hotels. The legal drinking age in Dubai is 21 years of age and night clubs always adhere to this rule.

For visitors, a passport is an acceptable form of ID, while for residents, an Emirates ID or a driving license will suffice. If you plan on drinking alcohol make sure you take a cab back home or wherever you plan on going after; the UAE has absolutely a zero-tolerance approach to drinking and driving and police are very vigilant; getting caught will guarantee jail time.
As the regular working week starts on a Sunday and ends on a Thursday, the majority of clubs such as White DubaiIndustrial AvenueCavalli Club, Stereo Arcade and Blue Marlin Ibiza are at their busiest on Thursdays and Fridays. This is the case apart from the many popular hotspots that host a ladies’ nightthis usually takes place on either Tuesday or Wednesday and this will see ladies entering for free and are even offered free drinks and food.

While most clubs open at around 9/10pm and typically close by 3:00am, there are certain clubs such as BASE Dubai and White Dubai that remain open until 4AM, this is usually as a result of a special license being granted. So, whether you’re looking to dress up for a night out at one of Dubai’s best night clubs or just a casual night out with some friends, there are plenty of party spots to pick from. 

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