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Hardwell Interview - Soon in Dubai

Hardwell Interview - Soon in Dubai

Get Ready for HARDWELL Live! Performance in UAE for the first time !!
Thursday 24th Jan

I'd have to interview you in Monaco in early November. How was it?

The gig was great! Had much fun playing France again and always a great atmosphere.

Your name was under Pharrel. This is a guy you want to make a feat?

I love Pharrell�s productions and a big fan of his music. I would love to work in the studio with him sometime yes.

You're the new sixth best djs in the world. what's your secret to get at this rank ?

I�m just doing what I love, making and playing music. It seems people like what I�m doing so no real secret there. I�m already doing this for over 10 years now while I�m only 24 year�s, so a lot of hard work. My radioshow Hardwlel on Air is also doing really well and broadcasted on over 25 FM stations and the podcast is in the top 10 on iTunes in many countries, amazing to see the response on it.

You've just finished your 1st Brazil tour. what's your best memories ?

That ws an amazing tour! One of the highlights was Dream Valley festival, I closed on the mainstage after David Guetta and played a two hour set starting in the dark and finishing with the sunrise above the mountains in front of 30,000 people, that really was a magical moment!

Did you learn some portuguese words ? which one ?

Obrigado and Vamos!

this is comparable with the U.S.?

Brazilian crowd is amazing, it�s kind of comparable with US yes, so much energy!

A hotel room session with Zedd. what's happened ?

We worked on an idea together and talked over productions, that was a fun session! I toured a few days with Zedd in Brazil and he is a really cool guy and has loads of humor! Who knows we might be working more together in the future

you set up on the Facebook - Hardwell Q & A. Have you ever had weird questions or requests for marriage?

Haha yes multiple times. I don�t really know how to respond to them though�

Your Hardwell On Air is a musical bible, each week end. what were your best finds?

Thanks for the kind words! I�m trying to select the best tracks every week. It�s hard to pick the best find as there are too many to choose from.

In your #88, you added at the end an amazing vocal from Collin McLoughlin. Where did you get it?

In the summer I initiated a competition for my fans to send in an acoustic cover version of Call Me A Spaceman. We received over 150 submissions and Collin was one of them. I�m thrilled with this version as it captures the original but in the amazing singer/songwriter feel Collin is known for, love his sound!

So, what's going on for you and your label?

Working on the follow up to my single �Apollo� feat Amba Shepherd which has just been released and is now #1 at Beatport the worlds leading dance music download portal. We�ve got so much banging releases lined up for Revealed Recordings. It�s been an amazing year for me but for my label as well. Being surrounded by amazing talents like Dannic, Dyro and Jordy Dazz and rolling out the label events in Miami, Las Vegas and most recently Amsterdam with ADE.

And the last word...

I�ve got big plans for 2013, so be prepared! Go Hardwel or go home

Interview By ANGIE


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