Monday | September 17, 2012

Dubai VIP owes AED9.4 million in traffic fines

Dubai VIP owes AED9.4 million in traffic fines
A 'high-profile' figure in Dubai owes up to AED9.4 million ($2.55 million) in traffic fines for 12,740 traffic violations over 18 months, UAE daily The National reported on Sunday.

The driver tops a list of 33 VIP traffic violators who owe Dubai Police more than AED14.3million ($3.89 million) in traffic fines from 21,148 violations, the report said, citing a list published in Arabic daily Al Ittihad.

The second offender on the list received 1,826 fines worth AED1.2 million (AED 326,708), while in third place was another driver with AED731,900 ($199,264) for 1,022 fines over the same time period.

While officials did not reveal the offenders' names, they said the list included important personalities from government institutions, public bodies and car hire agencies, The National reported.

�No one is exempt from paying his fines, including Dubai�s Chief of Police, unless the driver rightfully appeals a fine,� Maj Gen Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, head of Dubai traffic, told Al Ittihad.


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