Noctuary Vol. X: Cesar Merveille // Daylomar

Noctuary Vol. X: Cesar Merveille // Daylomar

Thursday, 24 October 2019
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Vol. X of our nightly journal will be with our guest, Cesar Merveille and our resident, Daylomar.

Get familiar with the artists:

// Cesar Merveille [Roche Madame]

A Parisian born DJ & producer currently residing in Berlin. Influenced by Jazz from a young age Cesar became passionate about playing guitar and later discovered electronic music.

Some of his releases are on Luciano and Quenem’s Cadenza Music,Lessizmore, Masomenos, Desolat, Visionquest and Melisma.

His new imprint Roche Madame is a product of this situation, channeling the creative energy of a city teeming with musical allies to give rise to new collaborations and the chance to explore his own ideas.

He played at venues such as Fabric London, Watergate Club, Ms Hopetosse, Club der Visionaere "official", Panorama Bar Music and more.

// Daylomar [Unleash Records / Noctuary]

Bahraini Khalid Daylami also known as Daylomar has been the driving force behind the reputable Unleash parties in London. He also runs two successful labels, Hibit Records and Unleash Records. Some of the clubs he played in are Club der Visionaere "official", Hoppetosse, Wilde Renate Club, Egg London, and D-EDGE.

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