Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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A night to remember!

Ladies bring your gowns, gents get your tux as this is the night of luxury.

Join us this Wednesday for first edition of Palacio. Dress to impress as this is the occasion you were waiting for!

Wednesdays from 9:30 pm with DJ Keza, live Saxophone and live Violin performance.

For reservations, call 04 336 4444 / 055 376 4319 or [email protected]
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Celebrate Your Senses

Play Live Restaurant has created an atmosphere of effortless indulgence combined with the most refined live entertainment.


A sanctuary for everyone who approaches life in a more playful way. The new Play Live concept has been carefully curated to redefine the world of fine dining and entertainment, allowing guests to relax, socialize, and celebrate in the most elegant environment that stimulates the senses by the rules of dining.


Play Live embodies a new approach to feeding the soul as well as the body, creating unforgettable emotional experiences around the world.   

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