Analog Room pres. A Guy Called Gerald & Vincent Lemieux

Analog Room pres. A Guy Called Gerald & Vincent Lemieux

Thursday, 19 July 2018
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What a great season at STEREO ARCADE. Definitely, one of the craziest summers we are having since we started back in 2012. Last week's Giegling night was mental but here is our job to keep it raining and there is only one way to go, up.

Proud to announce a very special programming coming up at Analog Room:

Our beloved resident artist, the legend, the One & Only A Guy Called Gerald is coming back to town to perform LIVE in ROOM 1 but greatness doesn't end there. A stalwart of Montreal's electronic music scene, the artistic director of MUTEK Montreal, the mighty Vincent Lemieux is debuting Dubai to share ROOM 1 with Gerald.

ROOM 2 will be funky as always with the local hero Nasrawi and our fresh resident Ricardo De Meneses.

Artwork by Mohamed Hamed.

Room 1 (Club) AED 100
Room 2 (Boom Room) Free Entry

Promotion: AED30/house pourings till midnight only at ROOM 1.
No Dress Codes - Only Good Souls.
Venue Details
Founded by Mehdi Ansari and Siamak Amidi, Analog Room is throwing the finest parties in quality underground music with the hottest DJs and producers from around the world.

Its all about the experience. Quality sound and moments.