Barasti Superdome

Barasti Superdome

Thursday, 14 June 2018
Barasti Superdome
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Are you ready to ROCK!? The 2018 Football season is just around the corner and where better to watch all the games LIVE than inside the Superdome at Barasti Beach!

We’ll be hosting the best viewing party for the biggest festival in human history with the incredible air-conditioned Superdome where you can cheer for your favourite team!

The incredible air-conditioned SuperDome will welcome a whopping 150,000+ fans cheering for their team on numerous enormous HD TV screen across Barasti - so be sure to join us and share some of the greatest moments in football history together!

Come for the games. Come for the incredible atmosphere and music. Come for the food and drinks. Barasti where Football lives this Summer!

Don’t miss the #BarastiSuperdome from June 14th – July 15th
Venue Details
Renowned for its vibrant bar atmosphere and its delicious cuisine, Barasti Beach Bar is popular with both residents and holiday-goers. Situated on the coast, its platform offers a spectacular view on both sides, with a stark contrast between the sparkling blue Arabian Sea and Dubai’s towering skyscrapers.

With two different floors, Barasti has an atmosphere that suits everyone’s needs and draws in large numbers reflecting all strands of Dubai’s population. Whilst the ground floor offers a more chilled, relaxed vibe with a live band playing old classics, the more energetic partygoers head downstairs where resident DJs get the dance floor pumping. This award-winning bar has without a doubt become an icon of the Dubai social scene. 
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