Chateau De Boudoir ft. N1YAH

Chateau De Boudoir ft. N1YAH

Wednesday, 28 February 2018
Chateau De Boudoir ft. N1YAH

Ladies night

Various style

Event Info
This Wednesday glow urself at the Special edition of Chateau De Boudoir - Glow Party .

Join us Every Wednesday at Boudoir Club to experience the hottest ladies night in dubai - Chateau de Boudoir.

Unlimited Free drinks For ladies .

Music by SkinnyLoop.

Info : +97150 375 7377

#chauteaudeboudoir #EveryWednesday
Venue Details

"Established in 2002, Club Boudoir was the Most Exclusive Club of Dubai at the time. There was only ONE place where most of the party-goers and elite used to come for entertainment and parties. Boudoir was inspired by the French restaurant/lounge concept in the early days. Later on, when people started to enjoy the DJ music and entertainment more, the place transformed into the Top Clubs of Dubai during the 2000s. Currently, Boudoir Club is ranked as one of the top 5 clubs in the United Arab Emirates.

Club Boudoir has hosted more than 200 international celebrities ranging from Rap Stars from the US to Bollywood Stars from India. Over the last 13 years, the name ‘Boudoir’ has become a legacy for the partying crowd in Dubai. The club can accommodate around 600 people at maximum capacity and usually caters to the upscale crowd of Dubai. Club Boudoir is strategically located the downtown Dubai at Jumeira Beach Road. It is part of the Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa which is a very established 5-star hotel in the United Arab Emirates.


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