Saturday Brunch with Charl Chaka

Saturday Brunch with Charl Chaka

Saturday, 24 February 2018
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The sun is shining, the music’s playing and the sand is glistening. An afternoon of total bliss is in store for you this Saturday.

Start the day off right and get your sweat on with a HIIT boot camp led by our friends at Rebel DXB. Rotating trainers will be creating the space for a high intensity one hour session, that burns calories and activates the metabolism, making it the perfect pre-feast activity.

Our delectable menu is filled with Mediterranean plates, piping hot BBQ dishes and a variety of traditional fresh sushi to indulge in. As for drinks, we have mojitos, sangria and more in our unlimited selection.

Stroll down to the beach and our sun loungers are ready for you to relax and indulge. The vibe will be high as Charl Chaka is playing the sweetest sounds through till the stars come out.

It’s the ultimate weekend atmosphere.

Restaurant: 310 AED/per person
First Sitting: 1PM - 3:30PM
Second Sitting: 4PM - 6:30PM
HIIT Workout additional 50 AED per person

Beach & Terrace: 340 AED/per person
1PM - 4PM
HIIT Workout additional 50 AED per person


[email protected]

Safety driver service available (booking required 48-hours prior to event).
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