Weslodge Dubai

Weslodge Dubai

Thursday, 07 July 2016
Weslodge Dubai
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Eid Mubarak from Weslodge Dubai!! Come and celebrate with us tonight as new resident DJ Frak Fu takes you on a musical journey reliving the sounds of 90's old school Hip Hop!
Guaranteed to bring back great memories and keep you moving!
Reservations: +971 4 560 1700 OR [email protected]
Venue Details
Visually, Weslodge is a knockout. Embark on your Weslodge journey here, as you discover a rugged, stylish space and evocative culinary masterpieces. Located on the 68 th floor of the World’s Tallest 5* Hotel, Weslodge Saloon offer the best panoramic views of Dubai’s stunning skyline and the iconic Burj Khalifa. A modern saloon in the sky designed to evoke emotions as you step into a journey of extraordinary culinary & whimsical dining experience.
As you watch your bespoke cocktail being poured at the bar of Weslodge, you are surrounded by curated taxidermy on walls of purposely weathered paneled cabinets. A trail of custom steampunk fixtures light the way to the dining hall, where “Rock & Roll meets Ralph Lauren” memoir of the Victorians further tickles your curiosity as you dine on custom designed plush leather seats in moody ambiance. Hand crafted cocktails with innovative twists, North American cuisine and astounding views, Weslodge Saloon provides the best dining experience in Dubai. Our yellow doors are waiting for you!