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Step into an Asian wonderland at this restaurant!


Tàn Chá, the Chinese Restaurant in Business Bay is the fine-dining restaurant in Dubai where you need to fuel yourself with an exceptional dining experience of wining and dining! Inspired by the energy and appetites of Downtown Hong Kong, TÀN CHÁ Dubai serves up a menu and ambience that transports your senses to the streets of China and infuses provincial culinary traditions with a modern touch.


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The magical kitchen is headed by Chef David Pang (check out the interview here.) who has worked at two Michelin-star restaurants and trained throughout Asia, exploring Chinese ingredients and techniques. With his focus on quality ingredients and stunning culinary displays using his creative techniques, he has created a landmark in the Chinese food industry by breaking the dominance of Cantonese cooking. Chef David Pang’s passion for exquisite cuisine has led him to create the greatest Peking Duck in Dubai. He has established his own style of celebrating ingredients through their fluid application in a variety of recipes. Here is what to taste at this fine dining Chinese restaurant in Dubai.


At TÀN CHÁ, dine with beautifully adorned furniture with emerald and gold porcelain cutlery, along with chopsticks customized with your names, making the dining experience quite intimate with this personal touch. As for dining, here is how to taste the best of this fine dining restaurant in Dubai.




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...The first plates of royal wasabi prawns are tossed in wasabi mayo and dressed in mango salsa and tobiko or opt for the honey nut crispy beef which is triple cooked for ultimate tenderness. Move on to the small plates of bumblebee wagyu beef buns, Tàn Chá dim sum basket and baked barbecued chicken puff. Dim Sum and truffle lovers can also reach for the Song Lu Cheong Fun made with Shitake, King oyster, Cordyceps and black truffle paste for that kick of truffle and a sweet ending. Get your cameras out for this one, diners! The Vegan spring rolls beautifully pay homage to Chinese traditions with their artistic and buoyant presentation. It tastes just as good as it looks!


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...The Classic crispy-skinned Pecking Duck! Served in true TÀN CHÁ style with a set of wraps, cucumbers, horseradish and 3 accompanying sauces: Foie Gras, Sweet Bun and Preserved Lemon, the interactive dish is a fun way to dine as guests are encouraged to wrap their duck serving and enjoy! If you’re looking for something cosier and comforting, try the seafood pumpkin soup & Kaluga caviar soup. Why not try the famous fresh cucumber rolls, filled with black superior fungus and topped with tangy white balsamic pearls in a spicy Szechuan sauce? This will surprise you!


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Cocktail lovers! The best cocktail to try at TÀN CHÁ according to Chef David Pang is: the Golden Ox, a really well-balanced and cleverly concocted with Mezcal, Tequila and clarified grapefruit juice finished with a homemade siracha salt.. delicious.




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The vivid colours of the 'Coconut Fantasy' dessert are as sumptuous as its coconut mousse served on cereal crumbs combined with a magical pistachio ice cream. A delight for your sweet tooth. If you have got a liking for Matcha, opt for the delectable ‘Matcha Lover’ that serves you a red bean ice cream with a delicious green tea cheesecake. What are you waiting for? Book your table this week and enjoy all that TÀN CHÁ has to offer!



Here are the 5 best dishes to try at TÀN CHÁ according to Chef David Pang:

  • TÀN CHÁ Peking Duck
  • Scalded King Fish
  • Honey Nut Crispy Beef
  • TÀN CHÁ Dim Sum Basket
  • Song Lu Cheong Fun




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Contact: +971 56 681 8881
Location: JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, Business Bay, Dubai



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