Tuesday | March 26, 2019


Music has formed an integral part in most cultures – the Middle East included. So, it’s always special when a venue dedicates an entire night to a traditional form of music with its roots deep in the Arab world.

As we headed to the latest nightlife destination on The Pointe, Palmetto on a Friday night, we were pleasantly surprised to hear the familiar yet unfamiliar sound of a six-stringed instrument with its origins seeped in Middle Eastern culture.

The Oud, which has always played a central role in Arabic music culture, has made a big comeback at this gorgeous venue with the talented singer Samer Abboud taking us through a delightful evening on the Palm.

While the beautiful sound of the Oud filled the venue, it wasn’t long before we were reaching out for the food menu – their main courses are an interesting mix of salads and main courses – our personal favorites were the Palmetto Mixed Grill Selection and Chicken Stroganovv.

Fans of the hubbly-bubbly have another reason to flock to Palmetto – you wouldn’t have to worry about having to constantly call out to the shisha servers – the wait staff are quick on their feet.

It’s difficult to resist the allure of Palmetto especially with its spectacular Atlantis backdrop and soothing Oud music on a Friday night. For those looking to better experience Middle Eastern culture, this place is definitely worth a visit!

For more information or reservations, call up 058-943 0015

Article published: 26th March, 2019


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