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How To Still Look Cool Eating Tacos?

 How To Still Look Cool Eating Tacos?
We all love tacos, but they can be really hard to eat without getting messy. Whether you fill it with cheese, chicken or seafood, this is how to approach the dish maker or dish destroyer. Follow our how to guide to the best way to eat a taco, so uno, dos, tres - Lets go!

1. Treat your topping well
Open your tortilla and add ingredients. Don’t overstuff as that is the main reason behind a messy taco.
2. Bite it from the side
Not the middle or top. Use your peace fingers and thumb to hold the taco. Don’t forget to pinch the top 
3. Make love not war
 Add the salsa last, and go slowly with it as you don’t want to ruin your meat by soaking it in hot sauce.

Now you can eat tacos on a date night without having to worry about getting guacamole on your clothes.

Inspired by the success of Melbourne’s Mexican Canteen scene, the idea behind Muchachas is to create a visually inviting, memorable dining experience for any occasion, whether it be cocktail catch-ups and share plates or a lively date night. It’s convenience that’s fun and exciting and a unique experience above all else

If you love Mexican food Not only do they serve some of the best tacos in town – we'll get to those properly in a minute – their guacamole is unbeatable, and made right in front of you at the table. Providing you don't fill yourself up on that before you've even got to the main event, the choice of tortilla-based goodness is dizzying.

Chef Jimmy Rojas Lopez brings the spirit of modern Mexico to the Zoco kitchen with a contemporary take on classic dishes. Their menu is made for sharing. Think small plates with big flavours, from familiar tacos and guacamoles to traditional signature family recipes from the streets of Mexico.
Unlimited signature Tacos every Tuesday.

Set in the luxury of the Four Seasons Hotel down on Jumeirah Beach Road, this is latin cuisine for the well-heeled of Dubai – so expect portions to be small but a blast. While more Peruvian than Mexican, the tacos here are definitely worth saving up to sample. Featuring delights such as tuna, yuzu and jalapeño, or salmon, tomato and avocado – the chef's inventions are as creative as they are photogenic.
Nobu Atlantis blazes a new trail for the acclaimed chef, infusing his cutting-edge Japanese style with Arabian influences to create a distinctly urban experience. Tacos with a Japanese twist.
With its amazing setting by the water in Madinat Jumeirah, Tortuga is renowned for its fun atmosphere, and Mexican gimmicks aplenty like the Mariachi band but is still enjoyable. With seven types of taco to choose from (ranging in price from Dhs70-Dhs75), you're rather spoilt for choice. Zesty and substantial in equal measure, load up on the tortillas and grab a dip as a side and enjoy a fun evening pretending you're on holiday in Cabo.


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